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Rafting through Moab
Paddle Boarding Available, Too!
Exploring the Canyon on Foot
Paddling in a Group with Guides
Ever changing colors!
Stunning and Majestic Views

Wellness River Rafting

Sept. 13-17, 2022
Desolation Canyon, Moab,UT

Present in Nature. Expanded Awareness. Drifting Down the River. 

In this retreat I am partnering with Mild to Wild Rafting to bring mildfulness to adventure rafting in the Moab Desert. Click here to learn more details about this 5 day river rafting experience. 
Paddle Boarding Available, Too!

Desolation Canyon is a stunning, ancient chasm that is ever-changing from desert winds and rains. Some sections of "Deso" dive deeper than the Grand Canyon in certain sections, and the meander is filled with massive cathedrals, amphitheaters, spires, and windows to the next river bend. Here are some of the unique attributes of Desolation Canyon that make this wild and scenic section of the Green River so special:

  • Bands Wild of Horses, Birds of Prey, Big Horned Sheep, Bear, and other Wildlife

  • Big Beautiful Beaches

  • Calm Waters for Swims and Standup Paddling Boarding

  • Fun Class II and III Rapids for All Experience Levels

  • Numerous Hikes and Archeological Sites

  • Remnants of 19th Century Homesteads and Outlaw Hideouts

In Partnership with Mild To Wild!

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