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Autumn Bliss!
Twinkling Yoga Barn

Lake 5 Goddess Retreat Fall 2020

September 26-29 2020
Frazee, Minnesota

This is your invitation to be be be in nature and unplug.  Days will start in nature - a kayak ride, a walk, a morning to sleep choose.  We will gather in the barn for yoga, meditation and connecting.  

Afternoons are time to journal, be on the lake, walk one of the many paths around the lake or enjoy time on the dock or one of the water bikes.

Shared dinner and firepit time under the evening stars...ahhhh


Plenty of unstructured time for you to create  your journey.

  • Tai Chi on dock

  • Walks around the lake

  • Finding a hamock to be in

  • Coffee on the docke

  • Yoga on your  mat

  • Fire Pit time

  • Dance time

  • Nap time

  • Being Time

  • Water time - a dip?   a paddle?

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