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Liz Anema

 Live InJOY!

The idea of opening people up to thrive is what fill’s Liz’s heart. Yep this is not a dress rehearsal or as as Ferris Bueller shared “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” 

With a company called “Live InJOY,” you start to understand where Liz comes from. At age 4, a Dancing Poodle (pink tutu and all) to Jane Fonda, (yes hot pink leg warmers) feel the burn, to Deepak Chopra finding the quiet and the calm in yoga, breath and meditation. Yes to the joy of movement, yes to living in intention, sprinkled with stillness!

A teacher of a variety of classes and a retreat leader as well, Liz loves to bring people into the Joy of moving and from yoga & tai chi to lifting weights and dance.

Liz exudes positive energy and is passionate about meeting each person where they.

Some highlighted studies…so far

  • Certified Life Coach 2020

  • Nia Dance Blue Belt 2020

  • Kripalu Yoga  - Yoga of Compassion 2009

  • 500 Hour Yoga Therapy Spirit of the Lake 2014

  • Meditation Primordial Sound Certification - Deepak Institue  2019

  • Resiliency Training - Henry Emmons Group 2014

  • NASM personal trainer 1998                                                           

  • ACE  Group Exercise Certification 1984

Yoga & Meditation

Liz loves to bring her Kripalu Yoga philosophy into all that she teaches and guides: be compassionate with yourself.  Listen to your body and invite your breath in to guide you through your movements whether it be lifting weights, creating your own Tai Chi Moves or dancing your heart out.  Liz is a lifelong learner and is honored to share the treasures of life she learns both on and off her yoga mat.  Liz finds the joy of dance, the practice of yoga and finding quiet time surrounded in nature, including meditations, are a few gifts she loves to share with others.



Liz Anema
612 251 3631

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